Saturday, 11 July 2015

After nearly 8 years harvesting and selling seaweed from the isle of bute Scotland, i have decided to reshape the business.
I will no longer be harvesting for bulk or wholesale orders, instead i will just be selling online to the general public in small amounts.
iv become increasingly frustrated with the Scottish government s obsession with seaweed farms, along with interference in the natural market from university's and academic research organizations , usaly looking for tax payers funding and bumming up the potencital of seaweed.
This week saw plans for another 25 ton seaweed farm thats 500.000 retail packs  this is on top of the other two or three already planed or already up and running at a cost of a million pounds what chance do i have , wheres all the seaweed going to be sold, i keep hereing about the asia market, well i tryed hong kong last year and they werent interested , they have there own seaweed market even if we had a seaweed they liked we couldnt compete on price,
so when the penny drops all this seaweed will be dumped on the uk food market and the tax payer will have footed the bill i have contacted all the relavent mps but not much joy as of yet.
There are several harvesting businesses in Scotland but to see the press relishes lately by the Scottish gov and visit Scotland you wouldn't believe it ,
visit scotland should not be pushing one companys agenda, i have not recived a reply to my complaint
Why should i even bother to try to compete when businesses are using volunteers and students as cheep or even free labour. like some sort of community program or charity.when i want to employ people properly.
i tried to set the bar high with haccp plans, food standards product testing ect but i needent of bothered when a national news paper promoted a do it yourself forager supplying restaurants and restaurants happy to take the cheep seaweed from him . whats the point
I refuse to try and compete with idiots who are prepared to throw the health and safety book out the window, risk life and limb and free dive for seaweed or wade out in ruff seas only to have it retail for £2 a bag in tescos. if it retails for £2 they must be giving it away for pennys
why try to match people that use motor boats for commercial harvesting but don't bother with the expense of all the licensing and safety that goes with using a boat in the sea .
two sets of rules, one for special people another for everyone else .
so i will only be selling in small bags from now on this means i dont need to harvest and dry so much seaweed and dont need to pay for packers / harvesters and bigger premises. will never be the same again