Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Seaweed Invasion
Could you imagine the consequences if a common weed took over the world and nothing could be done about it?

Well, that's what happening right now under the sea and the culprit is a sea weed called Caulerpa Taxifolia. A pretty, salt water aquarium plant that went through a mutant metamorphous and escaped to the sea in the early 1980's. Since then, it has smothered out hundred of square miles of the ocean floor and driven out all sea life in the area.

This killer sea weed was developed in the Wilhelmina Zoo in Stuttgart , Germany . It became an overnight success as an aquarium decoration and soon found its way though out the world by way of fish stores and suppliers.

The first report that this innocent looking sea weed was taking over the ocean floor was made by Alex Mendez, an experienced swimmer who was diving for ducats one morning in the Mediterranean sea . Mendez notified the local authorities of his discovery but they assumed that he had been smoking weed instead of discovering it, so all he could do was stand by and watch as the mutant algae consumed his favorite lagoon.

In June of 2000, 20 years after the discovery of Caulerpa Taxifolia in the Mediterranean, it was detected growing on the ocean floor in San Diego , California . A 11,300 square foot patch of the deadly algae was confirmed as a strain of the original source that was cloned as the aquarium decoration in Stuttgart , Germany .

In September, 2001, the governor of California , prohibited the possession and transportation of Caulerpa Taxifolia. He knew full well the consequences on the local economy if people started taking free samples home to their own aquariums without first paying for them at their local fish store!

In January 2002, an attempt was made to destroy this vicious sea weed from San Diego , California , and though a small patch of Caulerpa Taxifolia was killed off by saturating the ocean floor with common swimming pool chlorine, it also killed off everything that it came in contact with it making the eradication worse than the plant itself. One city councilmen in San Diego , suggested draining the ocean and letting the plant die of dehydration but others on the council objected noting a lack funds in their treasury.

In May of 2002, the killer sea weed was discovered taking over the coastline of southern Australia , but the local pigmies who dried and smoked the seaweed blessed it and now use it instead of their own cherished Cannabis.

As of April 2003, the killer aquarium decoration is totally out of control and rapidly spreading throughout the world. Its transported by fragments being set adrift in oceanic currents and nothing can stop it. It reproduces by a single sex (male) self cloning process and it doesn't need a female to reproduce. It has no natural predators (except pigmies now) and all other sea life (plant and animal) find it repulsive, so they evacuate the area where it grows which creates an ecological disaster in the vicinity.

It has been predicted that in less than 50 years from now there will be no marine life left in the sea if the sea weed invasion is allowed to continue on its present course!

The scientific community's biggest fear is that the Caulerpa Taxifolia will mutate once again and develop a fresh water strain of itself that will attack the wet lands, the rivers and the streams, thus, turning the earth into a stagnant and dying planet! Others who use Cannabis themselves feel otherwise!

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