Thursday, 9 December 2010

Message in a bottle at Yaroomba
10th December 2010

Rachael Marshall with the message in a bottle she found.

Mike Garry
WE have all heard of Captain Ahab, the old man and the sea, John Bertrand and even Jack Sparrow.

But make way for a new seafaring legend: Captain Seaweed.

Long-time Point Arkwright resident Rachael Marshall was enjoying her regular morning walk on Yaroomba Beach recently when she found a message in a bottle.

“I thought what an exciting find. I showed everyone I saw,” Ms Marshall said.

The rosé wine bottle had been perfectly sealed with a cork and inside was a note, further protected in cling wrap.

With some trepidation, Ms Marshall carefully opened the bottle.

Happily, no one needed rescuing from a desert island or from pillaging pirates.

It was just a message from Captain Seaweed, who had quite possibly consumed the contents of the bottle – and then some.

The message reads:

“Halfway between Newcastle and Nelson Bay.

“Sea calm, light NW breeze.

“One boat, one wife, some beer, some wine, a great day.

“If you find this bottle it is not necessary to call anybody.

“Just enjoy the experience and life – as we are.

“Good luck, Captain Seaweed.”

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