Monday, 11 April 2011

Girls are getting little kelp from seaweed - the new Viagra - National News, Frontpage -

Girls are getting little kelp from seaweed - the new Viagra - National News, Frontpage - HOT-BLOODED Irish women are going kelp crazy since it was revealed that the herbal remedy works as a natural Viagra.
Sales of seaweed-based kelp tablets have soared across the country in the past week, with some health-food shops completely selling out of the supplement.

Kelp's popularity rose this week with the launch of a new book by an American author who wrote about how she went sex-mad after taking a course of it at the age of 66.

Pensioner Jane Juska became so frisky that she took out a classified ad stating that she'd like to have sex before she turned 67 the following year. Juska got 60 responses to the ad and met six of the men before settling with a man 30 years her junior.

Since the book was published, women all over the world who want to improve their libido have started taking the pills, which cost just €3.85 for a jar of 250.

Ireland has been no exception to the kelp explosion with health-food shops reporting a noticeable increase. Lucy Kearney, manager of Nature's Way, in Dublin's Ilac Centre said: "Sales of the product have literally jumped up and we have had a lot of women in here buying it. We've even sold out of the smaller size and will have to order more stock."

In the store's Cork branch, manager Jean Buckley said she has also noticed a huge increase in the sale of kelp tablets. "Kelp contains iodine which is very good for hair, nails and skin and those who take it notice the feel-good factor it gives. Maybe that leads to a heightened libido."

It was men who first discovered its Viagra-like effects, but now women have noticed that it also works for them. Widower Regina, 60, from Waterford confirmed that kelp really works. "I'm interested in homeopathy and took the kelp tablets as part of a cure for night cramps.

"But shortly afterwards I noticed that I was having night sexual dreams, which is unlike me as I'm not a person who has a high sex-drive. I won't be going out looking for a man at this stage of my life, so I don't know what I'll do
Kelp users should take at least one and a maximum of three tablets a day to enjoy the effects.

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