Monday, 20 September 2010

Seaweed diet for cattle
Monday, 20/09/2010
Nori rolls for cattle?
Don't laugh, researchers say North Queensland beef producers could be feeding their cattle a seaweed based feed supplement as early as next year.
Some breeds of cattle in New Zealand and some breeds of sheep in Scotland are fed seaweed.
Now the "reef and beef" project, run by researchers at Townsville's James Cook University's School of Veterinary and Bio-medical Sciences, is looking at developing ways to create a protein feed from algae.
Dr Tony Parker is involved, and says there'll be gains for producers and the environment.
It's not something that's often used, I guess the volume just isn't there on the market," he says.
"It is a protein supplement, it can be tailored to the producer's own needs."
"It also delivers environmental benefits, with a reduction of methane."

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