Tuesday, 21 September 2010

seaweed feed 4 coows

Seaweed Meal for Cattle to Hit Market in 2011, Say Researchers
The researchers in Townsville are endeavoring to create a seaweed supplement for cattle to provide them enough proteins, which will be available by next year, as expected.
The cattle in New Zealand are already fed by seaweed and it is also food of some breeds of sheep in Scotland.
The researchers from the James Cook University School of veterinary and bio-medical sciences started the project named as "Reef and Beef", about a year back. They are undertaking how to develop protein meal from algae.
Dr. Tony Parker is also participating in the research, and he is of the view that with the development of seaweed meal, there will be benefits for producers and the environment.
He said, "It is a protein supplement, it can be tailored to the producer's own needs".
Adding to this, he told that the meal would help the environment by dampening the methane. The meal is unique as it is not widely used in the market, and even if used then that too in meager quantity.
Meanwhile, in Queensland, there were supplies of cattle for sale. The sales of the cattle were boosted due to the nearness of the supply area to transport services. The other factor that contributed to this was the participation of Longreach and Silverdale to the selling program.

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